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Jakub Kapusnak

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Burger at Black Dog Cantine, Czech Republic

Hi Daniel,

I was really excited when you announced a collaboration with Skillshare. I enrolled the course immediately because I couldn't wait any longer to discover your creative workflow while shooting food.

I've been following you for a couple of months now and I can honestly say you are my great inspiration. Not only I love your photos because you're an amazing photographer and have an eye for it but also because of what you do in general. Living in NYC, working for different magazines, visiting all kinds of restaurants and trying their best meals. That's awesome! My dream job would be to travel the world and photograph different cuisines, businesses, chefs and so on. I'm working hard toward that dream! I am starting small with local venues but it's growing week after week.

I started shooting food 1 year ago and I love how it has evolved from a hobby to my full time job thanks to a website I built my own which is called Foodie's Feed. It'd be my pleasure if you visited it at www.foodiesfeed.com. I'm working now on rebuilding the website and I want to have an online food magazine where I'll feature amazing food related content curated by myself. I want to feature new restaurants and cafés all over the world, world class chefs, superb photographers and Instagram users like you, food art etc. I'd love to feature you as one of the first people so I might contact you soon and ask you for a few favorite photos of yours. It would mean A LOT to me getting in contact with you :-) 

So these are pictures I took 2 weeks ago in a restaurant called Black Dog Cantine. It's in a small town near Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic where I come from. People from Prague go to this place because it's famous for their burgers. And so we decided with my girlfriend to try their burgers finally as well. It was incredible. Juicy organic ground beef with slices of apples, sauerkraut and their "secret" sauce. Out of this world, man! But I am sure you're pretty used to such quality in NYC :-)

Anyway, thank you one more time for making this course and also for your time reading this wall of text (if you did :-D). Keep sharing photos on your FB and IG, I'm going to keep liking them and sharing them on Foodie's Feed :-)

Btw I'd love you to say what you think about these photos. I'd appreciate your honest opinion.




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