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Burger & Fries

My interest in food photography is a new-found passion.  I realized that I love a good food photo when I found myself on Instagram liking photos of food that I would never eat.  I like for a food photo to get a reaction out of me (preferably "yum").  While I don't particularly enjoy cooking myself, I do love going out to eat and haven't had much resistance in getting my friends to join me for brunch, lunch, or dinner. 

I ordered this burger, because I was intrigued when I saw on the menu that it has Granny Smith apples on it.  I was expecting it to come out with flat, circular pieces of apple on it, but was pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful layering.  Side note: The apples add a very nice and delicious crunch to the burger, kind of like putting potato chips in a sandwich. 

My hunger took over and I only got two photos that I really liked.




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