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Malu Lenzi

Design & Illustrator



Bunny pirate

Hi everyone! :)

This is my bunny pirate!
My first character! 
I didn't make the textures yet and did almost everything in illustrator. I think the photoshop process a little bit more complicated, but really important for the textures indeed. 
I intend to do as soon as possible. 
Meanwhile it would  be very cool some feedback :) 
I had a lot of fun doing this and opened a new world for me. 



I'd like to share my Inspiration board.
Create this board was really a good exercise, since I never liked pirates! 
I had zero interest in drawing one until now because I think they are ugly and scary and maybe I'm too "girl" for this. (laugh)
I know that I could try another character but, on the other hand, why not get out of my confort zone?

So, since I have no experience at all about pirates, I spent a whole afternoon looking for not-so-scary-pirates to pin in this board. It's a good mix of styles and in the end I felt very inspired! 

I hope this can inspire you too!

One of my favorites is this one:

and here is another board where I pin some drawing tips that I find along the way.


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