Bunny Prince

Bunny Prince - student project

This is my first project in Skillshare and I'm so happy to have been inspired by Vanessa Gilling's class. I absolutely love her as an artist! She has such a delicate sense of style and a patience the size of the sky (which I really admire!). It was quite challenging for me to allow the paint to dry properly and internalize the many stages of this final piece, but in the end I learned a lot from it. And I'm applying it to my art pieces now (I'm a hobbyist artist without formal education so I treasure these classes very much). 

*I did not have guaches, so I used watercolors instead. 

My first step was to brainstorm ideas of animal characters.

Bunny Prince - image 1 - student project

1) Initial sketches. 
2) Chosen character. More detailed sketch. 

I took Vanessa's suggestions and used an existing color palette from Color Collective. So when I sketched the characters I had an idea of what colors I would like to use.  

Bunny Prince - image 2 - student project

The colors didn't quite go with the squirrel character (which I painted with some pens I had at hand). So I opted by the bunny prince character. 

Bunny Prince - image 3 - student project
I colored it roughly in Photoshop and began the color testing.

Bunny Prince - image 4 - student project
Then I used the chemical paper to print the sketch onto the watercolor paper. 

Bunny Prince - image 5 - student project
And then, began the challenging color washes process. 

Bunny Prince - image 6 - student project
And this was the final result!
I used watercolor pencils for some shadowing in ears and vest. 
Bunny Prince - image 7 - student project
There was so much that I wanted to change after seeing the final piece done, but I felt very accomplished for being able to finish it. 

It was so much fun, thank you for the class : )

Joana Morgado
Avid illustration learner