Bunnies in Books

Bunnies in Books - student project

Bunnies in Books - image 1 - student projectThese are my sketch bunnies, from left, Thank you Bunny, Magician Bunny, Pirate Bunny, First day at school Bunny and Sensei Bunny. I see an HB pencil on plain paperBunnies in Books - image 2 - student projectThis is the First Bunny that I tried, it was so helpful to have colors pointed out. I used Windsor and Newton watercolor paints a size 5 sable brush and a soft brown pencil on water color paper.Bunnies in Books - image 3 - student projectI love this little Easter egg bunny, I painted him on a postcard so I can mail it to my Mom for Easter. I used Strathmore watercolor postcards, Windsor and Newton water colors and a soft brown pencil, out lined with a Micron 05