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Amber Heinbockel

Creative Director at Cantina




Assignment 1 - Discovering Fundementals & Photography Techniques

1 - Needs an easy way to write & meet at this desk
2 - Shape & Size mixing and matching shapes of different sizes to create visual interest with contrasting shapes. This bookshelf shows a contrast of books & framed art (square) , along with differently shaped objects. - Love!
3 - Color Yellow (i'm obessed) - in this version they mix yellow through pattern and paintings.
4 - Pattern Mixing the color yellow through a patterned painting (or tile) and a patterned pillow. 
5 - Texture  Using natural elements like flowers and the white coral structure on the book case adds texture and visual interest to the bookshelf space.
6 - Placement Power of three - on the desk (books) but also with in the bookshelf, I also notice the use of color brings three objects together.
7 - Bling the metal candle holder
8 - Botanical a quiet little vase of flowers - I love how its simple and understated.

Extra credit? - can we just take a moment for those chairs ( I LOVE them!)  - okay moving on.

Now for my before photos

Coffee Table & Sofa (and for that matter console table)

Bedroom (I broke the natural sunlight rule - but this room felt so dark!)

Bookshelf (this needs so much help! - and ya know - some books)

Assignment 2 - Styling the Coffee Table

I'll admit our coffee table is one of the most used tables in our house. We entertain on it, sometimes eat on it, work from home, take notes, the list goes on and on - so ultimately we use it quite a bit. Since we use our coffee table so much, and its also a very interesting kidney shape. We decided to use a foundation of square items to break the roundness of the shapes up.

Step one: clear the space! check - its our default coffee table state.
Special Needs: What do you in the space? Well as mentioned before we do a lot with our coffee table, it has everything from a clear shelf on the bottom, to a drawer and a glass top. This table is also heavy, and big.  I determined we need space especially towards the round kidney edges. This way we can still kick our feet up or put a coffee mug on it.
Shape: Contrasting the flat shapes, of the trey and books. We used the square edges, of the trey and books, but contrasted the items within the table with metal ceramic animals, some gold sunglasses, and candlesticks.
Color: we are using pink and yellow, but using the green books on the coffee table have a light amount of shape. It also played nicely with our eclectic style - as a side note, i think trying some yellow books could also really tie things together.
Pattern: Our rug, while neutral, as a lovely comfy texture on the bottom. Since we have such a bight couch and wall art, the rug serves as a neutral pattern to the room.
Bling: Gold!!! Gold accents pulled from around our house tied the look together.
Botanicals:  A surviving plant from our wedding.

Viola! Coffee table style - (do a mini happy dance)

Adding some life -  using my pup as a model (who was less then entertained) I snapped this shot.

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