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Bundle of Feelings - Personal Manifesto Project by Giselle

Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for this class! I chose it as the first project for a string of artistic and personal improvement proyects that I had due a while back.

The page in which I wrote the things that matters (My title was "Stuff that's important to me") was from highschool, so it kinda already had a loose vibe with that donald duck stamp...uhm yeah, blast from the past. The snoopy sticker was also something I had tucked in a box with old papers, stickers and envelopes (pen pals were all the rage in the 90's). Its like it was waiting for cool.

It was quite liberating filling up the page with black marker and also doing the manual paper shredding, with the black marker, I kept thinking about the current tedious job I have (that has nothing to do with art) and when I was shredding the blank page bit by bit I thought about all the road I have ahead to perfect my work and how I envisioned myself getting there.


For the money I chose a 50 pesos bill from my current location, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I scribbled it like crazy on one side, then took the first thoughts that came into my mind about the exercise, and wrote it on the other side, going crazy with some posca uni markers and giving Sarmiento some "deal with it" meme glasses. Don't worry its about the equivalent of 5 bucks. That was refreshing! Specially since lately I had been creating some posters and stickers for conventions and feeling like I had wasted some money because I couldn't sell much of it and with this it was like "hey, money is just paper" and realized that I shouldn't feel bad about it, because going to a convention, is always a valuable experience, no matter what the result is.


My memento, finally, was an Evil 2 Cinema Ticket I had been saving, because, well, first of all, I'm a big fan of the Evil Dead Series, but second of all, I had never been able to see it on the big screen and it was super emotional for me that night, and I felt that the feeling I had when watching it was unique, and its at the core of what I want to achieve as a creative person. Its a unique memory and will stay with me forever.


Ang then it was time to seal the envelope. The stickers on it were recently made digitally by me representing my old artistic pseudonym in a drawing group that I had with some friends, but no longer feel it represents me that much, therefore, I thought that they were fitting for a project related to self reflection. Now its out with the with the new!

I scanned the envelope before I closed it, the bill is unsaturated for dramatic effect. :C


It was quite a thoughtful experience and now I feel like I have a great starting point for what's next in my work. Thanks again for the class, Adam JK. <3



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