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Bunch of ideas

Hey there guys, here's what I come up with, I don't know if i went a little extra conceptual with my boards or if it is clear enough for you to get the concept completely, perhaps I could elaborate a little bit on each of the boards I posted so you can get where I'm going with them, and hopefully give me some insight, i know it's a little messy and perhaps it may seem a little disconnected, but i hope by reading this you can keep each of the stories I'm trying to tell and the characters I'm hoping to develop:

(also, english is not my first language so hopefully i can explain myself properly)


Joker/Fashion sketch/Vegas travesti show/Cirque du Soleil

I wanna take advantage of the crazy and strong personality of a character like The Joker but the aesthetic of something you can find on the sketchbook of a fashion designer, something maybe mannequin-like, use the long legs, nice angles and curves, to create some cool shapes with the added personality of a comic book character.


Boy scouts/Creepy cult a la Gary Baseman

I think this is pretty self explainatory, use the symbols and exploit the clichés of the boy scouts, but put a little creepy twist on it.


PETA/PETA protester/Egyptian Gods

I thought this match could be interesting because of what PETA fights for and the fact that the Egyptian Gods have animals for heads. I found the image of this girl interesting because of the naked torso (just like the ones on the Gods), and the tatoos. I think I see something here


Origami/Colorful Art a la AJ Fosik/Pixel Art

This one doesn't have as much depth as the other ones, I just think it would be interesting to work with a mix of origami and pixel art, and maybe use AJ Fosik kind of texturing and coloring.


Bus/Crashed Metal/Octopus

I had the hardest time finding appropiate photos to show what I want to do with this, and I dont think it shows in here, i just wanna do a creature part bus/truck and part octopus, that's all.


Street dog/Cute Pug/Homeless person

In this one i wanted to take a Cute Pug, put him on the street and make him homeless. Plain and simple, not much else to say.



Come on! A 'Hollygan'!!!! I just thought of it and decided to give it a shot, the wordplay is there, the irony, the social comentary is strong & the juxtaposition couldn't be better, I don't know, I just went for it, although I dont know if it's too much, if it would be offensive for some people and if actually people would venture to make it, sell it or buy it. But I love the concept! What do you guys think?


Rooster Figthing/Fighting Arcade Games

This could be awesome, wouldn't you agree? pixelated rooster fighter!



I Thought this could work as a transformer police car in the shape of a pin up mermaid! Or something with the Starbucks logo, I don't know hehe


Frankenstein Monster/Cartoon Characters

I'm planing on mashing several characters from several cartoons together... could work as a single figure (with a very complex sculpture and paintjob hehe) or maybe as a series, 3 figures maybe, each with some characters, but simpler figures. This one it's all about appropriation!


I know I didn't talk about graphic styles, or how i intend to materialize my ideas, but i didn't wanna go there just yet, I focused on coming up with strong concepts first, so i have a solid base to start sketching.

That's what i came up with, I hope I explained myself properly, and that you like my process and that maybe you have some useful input for me, I would really appreciate it.

Any comment, feel free to contact me!



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