Bumble - The Fun Way to Meet New People

Bumble - The Fun Way to Meet New People - student project

As a single woman in a new city, it can be hard to meet people that are "your people". I like the Bumble app because it makes it easy to create a profile that seems like it will attract like minded people and normalizes, celebrates, and encourages the idea that starting conversation with new people is the way you open the door to new possibilities. The app creates an experience that you also want to revisit, consistently check for updates, and tell others about. 

Looking at it through the lens of the user-facing characteristics Cinthya mentioned, here is where Bumble does well for me. 

Familiarity and Intuitiveness

--  The profile asks for basic info and integrates common factors people consider when dating such as education, religion, kids. During COVID, they adjusted by adding questions around social distancing, a topic that was arising in everyday conversations about how could we meet up with people during a pandemic. It allows you to easily filter out people that don't fit/match your interests with familiar, without technical or cold language for instance. For example, for height preference, "Any height is just fine", rather than "No preference". 

Bumble - The Fun Way to Meet New People - image 1 - student project

Clarity and Simplicity 

You can't share much in your profile on Bumble. There is a limit of 6 photos and profile prompts have character limits which makes the profiles very quick to read and fun to flip through or take a chance on. For the different factors I mentioned above, they pre-define what might come up as hard to define categories, such as looking for "relationship, something casual, don't know yet, or marriage".

Responsiveness and Feedback 

Bumble gives you 24 hours to start a conversation with someone after being matched. It will track the time left with a yellow circle indicating decreased time. It also gives feedback as you are filling out information to let you know that you haven't finished and that the information could potentially help you reach your user goals.

Consistency and Standards

Bumble uses the swipe left to skip and swipe right to match standard which I believe originated from Tinder. I myself have never used Tinder but the way that the site works has been referenced so much in popular culture that I fully expect all dating apps to work by swiping left and right. I have been confused and annoyed when using apps that won't allow me to swipe in this way. 

Holistic Brand Voice 

Bumble started differentiating itself by being a dating app where women make the first move. It has since grown into a platform that includes friend matching and business network matching and mentoring with the mission of empowering users to connect with each other. The mission makes it seem like the brand cares about me being connected. 

Make it Delightful 

For me, the colors, the lingo, the ease of use and assistance they offer with prompts for interesting conversations on your profile, the conversation countdown, the ping you get when someone's interested in you, and the opportunity to message, call or video chat right from the app like a Facebook chat but with new friends makes it a delightful experience for me. The different modes that Bumble has created BFF, Bizz, also have made me come back to the app even when the idea of dating isn't delightful :)