Bullitimes - student project

BulliTimes is a local startup Business with some Friends. It´s a rental Service for Surfcars ('Bullis') and I'm about to design a Label/Branding for the Cars and Merchandise.

#1 Sketches

Bullitimes - image 1 - student project


Bullitimes - image 2 - student project

Bullitimes - image 3 - student project

Second round: 

Bullitimes - image 4 - student project


Bullitimes - image 5 - student project

Bullitimes - image 6 - student project

Update June, 16th

I think this is something i can start refining... 

Bullitimes - image 7 - student project

Last revision: 

Bullitimes - image 8 - student project

This will be my last addition to this Project. It is still far from finished but I think even with that small amount of free time  I had to put in here the progress was pretty OK for me (at least i noticed a progress :D ) 

I'm not sure if that is the way to go with this... I'll need to try some other directions like Grotesk Type or go for a 70s Hippie-esque bubbly look-and-feel… We'll see...

At least this class got me buying some new pens and doodlin every day in the last few weeks so thats a great plus and motivation for mee to keep up learning on handdrawn Typestuff! 

So what I learned for myself (pretty unordered): 

— Hand drawn Stuff needs a lot of time an patience. 
— Put your stuff away and look on it the next day. 
— Draw something thousand times, then try another thousand :D 
— Don't start working with the computer if you did not at least another thousand 
— Flip/mirror or rotate your work too check proportions — Stuff gets much clearer if you just look at the form instead of readable words
— Drawn piece should be able to vectorized automaticly - redrawing on computer by hand doesnt work for me