Bullet Vol III

Bullet Vol III - student project

Bullet Vol III - image 1 - student project

This is a scan of Bullet Vol. III that I picked up in an airport a few years ago.

Bullet Vol III - image 2 - student project

Here's a screencap of my Indesign file.  First thing, I didn't realize I had to be doing all my work on another layer....Don't know if layers were covered earlier on in the video?  I guess I assumed it worked more like Illustrator for some reason, where layers don't really confine the graphics.  And everything took so long for me to figure out I definitely did not feel like doing it all again on another layer....and by the way I couldn't get copy & paste to work between layers either.  I guess I don't get how the layers work on this program, because they don't seem to function the same way photoshop or illustrator's do.  So you can see the original text under the things I added....

Also I didn't have that exact font for the title, as you can clearly see.  The default type seems to be Minion on Indesign, and that's what the rest of it was luckily.  Is there an accurate way to identify fonts you don't recognize?  I tried a few font sites that you can upload images to and it's supposed to tell you, but the results weren't great.  

Nicki France
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