Bullet Journal and Additional Plans

Bullet Journal and Additional Plans - student project

Bullet Journalism was my main source of productivity. I enjoy the look and the system normally works for me. However, I have really bad ADHD and tend to forget about it for weeks at a time.

After watching Thomas Frank's Lesson, I was able to see that you need more than one source to help you to be more productive. Bullet Journals may work alone for some people, but I need something a little more in-your-face type of system.

My first step to getting the most out of my productivity was signing up for a premium TODOIST account. Though I just started, I am already getting a little bit more done. I am able to access my To-Do list notifications on my computer and on my phone. That way if I am away from one or the other, I can still be alarmed to stay on task.


Day two Was creating a Google Calendar List. I haven't been able to put every single event that I need in there, but I am very excited to not overlap plans due to forgetting that I have prior commitments.

Today is day three, which means that I am on my way to searching for a note-taking system. I am pretty set on trying to make my Bullet Journal work. When I sit down to create my To-Do list, I use this time to be by my husband. While he is playing video games, I can reflect what I wish to accomplish, what I want to track and any idea that I need to write down. When I am out in public and I need a quick way to jot down an idea, I use the Bullet Journal Companion App. This allows me to have the notes on my phone to transfer into my Bullet journal the next day.