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I've been thinking about a new direction for my craft brand, and have been experimenting with leather work and dyeing recently. My recent work is simpler in style than what I did previously, so I'd like a new name and logo that reflects that. For this project I chose to use the letter H and a bull to represent my brand Hugo (my maiden name) and my star sign. 

These two symbols will probably end up as leather stamps, so I needed something very graphic and clean, that would read as a bull immediately. I started out sketching some ideas for the letter and the image and how they might relate to each other. (It's a bit busy because I worked on a printed notepad :)


After that I chose a few reference images and combined one bull's head and another one's horns. Quickly realised I needed to lose the ears and the tiny bit of detail I had in there. The bottom three images are where I'm at at the moment. Not finished but I feel that I'm heading in the right direction. 


I decided to use both the bull head and H together. Used white as definition on the bull and also added some white detail to the H. Not sure how effective they are together; I might still use the whole name 'Hugo' with the bull icon.



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