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Bull Terrier Love

Hi! I really like this course and the teaching style.
I'm from Argentina and it was a challenge do this course entirely in english. But I was surprised, I realized i understood everything. That and the good energy sent by the teacher encouraged me to do this course and ¡make my first zine!

At first it was hard to pick a theme. Until I realized that I had the answer under my nose (or my table to be specific).
I picked do a zine of what I love about my Bull Terrier dog, Sabina. Then was easy to complete the blank sheet.


I draw directly with marker, no sketching under. In the back, I tried to do something I never do, that is collage. I proposed to do everything in an hour, but I think that it took me a little bit more.
I'm happy with the result. The copies I made were in black and white, but i was thinking in coloring one by one.








It was an amazing experience, I love this course and the teaching style of Kate. I enjoyed making my first zine, and now ¡I'm going for more!



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