Hello All!

I feel a little late to the party posting this all now, but I am excited for the opportunity to take this class and begin working with Unity. I have also taken it upon myself to start exploring Blender for creating models to use in the projects for this class.

Below is a screen-shot of a sceen I laid out for this week's assignment. I played around with point-lights and materials for my objects (some of which came from the Asset store, and others I created in Blender). As a note, the cover photo for this project was also knocked out in Unity!

I have run into a few issues while working on this project that I hope to learn more about as we move forward with the class and as I continue to explore Unity and Blender.

  1. When importing models from Blender, the materials I attempted to attach to those models do not appear to render correctly.  As you can see in the image above, the bowl appears to be full of something shiny.  I was attempting to use a ceral material I downloaded from the Asset store.  I believe this has something to do with UV mapping in Blender.
  2. As point lights do not cast shadows in the free version of Unity, I had to arrange my direction light to mimic the lighting that the point lights would have created.  I hope to find a way arround this over the next few weeks.
  3. I now have a much greater appreciation for pixel artists.  I created a few of my materials in MS Paint, and that was by far the most tedious part of the entire project.  I will be looking into other tools to use for material creation.

That's it for now.  Good luck to everyone on their projects.


So thinking ahead on the direction I want to go with my project, I foresee needing the ability to change what the pivot point for an object is.  A quick search online suggests this can be done programmaticly, which is exactly what I will need.  If anyone is interested I will post the final code I end up using.


Project for Week 2

After being waylaid by work and other events I was finally able to sit down and work on the tasks for week 2 (about a sold week late now).  I decided to focus on the tasks at hand and work on including as many of the different components that were mentioned as possible.  I also started to look into the scripting components of Unity, and I am excited by what I see.  As a side note, it seems that it is not possible to rotate an object around a specific point other than the objects pivot point through PlayMaker.  It is possible, however, to do so through scripts.  I experimented with this some, and will continue on with this in later projects.
As for this week, I included keyboard commands to rotate the object in the scene, to change the material on the object, and toggle lighting.  The mouse can be used to start a continuous rotation of the object, which also plays a sound.  The continuous rotation is controlled through scripting.
As of yet I do not have a place to post the project online, but I will be looking for one so I can share my work with the class.


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