Building up

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Tie Your Laces

Everyone loves to hark back to their childhood. 

We use shoelaces as a way to reflect the vibrant colors of Guatemala, the connection with childhood and as a symbol of progress. 

Tie your laces for hope Guatemalan for children.

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The People's School

It's easier to encourage people to donate if you can illustrate to them exactly what their money is being spent on. 

It's even easier if they can choose. 

Via a beautiful microsite people can choose which part of the school they are paying for, watch the school grow as users donate for example desks, textbooks, bricks and blackboards. 

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Chocolate Pencils of Promise

Guatemalan cacao is of the very highest quality and is highly esteemed by premium chocolate makers. 

There's room for a new shape of boutique chocolate. 

The chocolate pencil comes in several 'flavours'. 

Premium retailers sell the exclusive chocolate pencil boxes.

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On The Way to Guatemala

What if everyone runs some of the 2000 mile US to Guatemala distance. 

A microsite illustrates the allocation of miles to different people.

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When I grow up I want to be...

Everybody spends two minutes looking in the mirror twice a day when they brush their teeth.

We encourage them to spend this time thinking about their future, hopes and dreams whilst using a PoP branded toothbrush.

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Keep it in the family

There are over 1 million Guatemalans in the USA, if every one gave just a single dollar then we would hit our target. 

We ignite their Guatemalan communities by helping them to celebrate their colorful and beautiful festivals.

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The Guatemalan Catwalk

California has the highest population of Guatemalans in the US.

PoP partners with a top Californian designer who themes their Spring/Summer collection with Guatemalan colors and fabrics.

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Travel with Guatemala

Guatemalan fabric is distinct and vibrant. 

We partner with a bag designer and sell a line of travel and washbags made from this material.

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Continue the story

Imagine a book in which each sentence is donated by a different person. It will start online but will eventually be printed and sold. Donors contribute to a good cause and they get the chance to get published. 

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Take memories, leave a dollar

Two million tourists enter and of course leave Guatemala each year. 

What if they were to leave their spare Guatemalan Quetzals when they departed?

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Sweet Dreams

Enage American kids with the future kids of this school through a bed time story and our cool pyjamas. 

While US kids get sweet dreams of Guatemala their counterparts get the dreams that come from education.

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Nurture a flower, nurture a child

The school will be called Gonja Blanca after the national flower of Guatemala. 

We're going to get people to buy white orchids to signify the start of a relationship with a PoP student.

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One Step Closer

Tweens will do anything to have contact with their idol. 

PoP guarantees a signed letter with all donations and potentially the opportunity to visit the new school with your idol.

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One day everyone brings a lunch box into work and donates the money saved.

Remember how fun it was to be a kid and how you definitely didn't need fancy take

If you don't still have your old lunch box buy the Pencils of Promise.

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Stencils for Promise

Create huge street murals celebrating Guatemala and its street art.

Anyone can contribute either by stencil or free-hand (and a donation).

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Change for coffee, coffee for change

Americans buy millions of cups of coffee every day, many with guatemalan beans.

If everyone gave even a fraction of their change for a single day, the school could have its
funding before we even reach our desks in the morning.

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Build a collage to build a school

A major gallery (or several) holds a temporary instalment created by it's visitors.

To have your art in MoMa just give $5 and a drawing titled 'Guatemala'.



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