Building my platform...

Building my platform... - student project

So...  Starting to really work on my platform as I am just jumping into a swing shift schedule at work and that gives me a lot more time to do that...

I am a cyber security analyst, but I have a pretty extensive background in law enforcement (military) and emergency preparedness (volunteer firefighter in a couple of districts, a lot of training in disaster preparedness and multi jurisdictional emergency management, and working with volunteers) so a bit of a niche market, but still what I believe to be important

Right now I am slowly but surely building a website (using my personal website as a test base for plugins and such)

I have a YouTube channel that I just have not utilized as of yet and I want that to be a vlogging point while also working developing a podcast network.

I am setting up affiliate links to Amazon and working with a couple of drop shippers to provide merchandise based on my focus point..

I am also currently utilizing Skillshare to start building smaller classes and but want to branch out to other sites for larger classes as well..

And that is where I am at or what I have started to develop...

Stephen Doerk

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