Lorraine Kasyan

Creative Instigator, Learner, Technology Humanizer



Building my Visual Thinking/Sketching Muscles

So It took me almost a week to have the time to finish this class. I have followed Mike Rohde and read his book. I am working through Sunni Brown's book and practicing Zen Tangle. The live practice is what I have been missing and the confidence to let go of the need to write every word. Your class was fabulous and the careful steps extremely helpful. I hope to upload my practice notes as well as 3 of my recent attempts to create without a safety net during sessions at a conference. I used your sizing tips, connectors, and then frames to help me connect my pages. I would like to improve all of them, but when going digital and sharing things do not get edited. The live notes were shared on Twitter with the conference. Thank you so much for this excellent course. Lorraine






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