Building an app to help people learn Chinese and Chinese characters

UPDATE: WE NOW ALSO HAVE BALSAMIQ.com mockups going and would love INPUT.

Working on an app to help native Chinese kids learn Chinese characters, and non-native Chinese learners to learn Chinese and characters.

Need help with UI/UX.  Currently a free app on Apple Store. Name is:  " Sunrise Method "

Would love to learn how to improve the app to allow more functionality, better navigation, and more intuitive.

I have been learning Chinese since 12 so it has been 20 years.  During my learning I realized there must be a better way to learn Chinese and master the characters.  I think I am on to something because when I show people what I am up to they are amazed and excited.  I believe there is a more natural, intuitive way to search, learn, remember Chinese characters.  I also want to incorporate mass customization so your pictures, sounds, videos can be translated into Chinese or from Chinese into English and so you can learn from content that is relevant to you and not to a boring textbook written ages ago about a subject you have no interest in.

My youtube videos right now are:



I have databased over 5000 characters and done spatial layout analysis and character overlap and meaning/sound correlation.





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