Building an Aesthetic

Building an Aesthetic - student project

Building an Aesthetic - image 1 - student project


Type (Emphasis)
I’m a writer. Though it took me a while to realize that as I am often filtering it through other mediums (film, design, performance, etc.). What I like most about type, is that the words are often the most important part of the piece.


Building an Aesthetic - image 2 - student project


Pattern (Repetition & Rhythm)
I love patterns because they feel like ordered chaos. But also meditative. Calm in chaos.


Building an Aesthetic - image 3 - student project


Collage (Balance)
A good collage has everything needed to make a balanced composition, except one thing. Or it juxtaposes 2+ conflicting or unrelated views, ides, formats, etc. and creates a balance among the mediums. Most of these blend photographic portraiture and some sort of manipulation.


So.. I guess I'll be experimenting with patterned-type collages. 

The headers are hyperlinked, If you are interested in any of the artists. 

Jacob Chadwick
Narrative Geographer