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Building a jewellery design class channel

New class published 16th January!


I've just 10 minutes ago published my 9th jewellery design class! Beautiful Bangles is the first in a new series of Silversmithing for Beginners. The series will cover all the beginner silversmithing projects that I teach my students in my evening classes, and I'll be included lots of tips and problem solving hints to keep more intermediate students happy too. It's late evening here in the UK so marketing (facebook, instagram, newsletter etc) will start properly tomorrow, but I've got one student enrolled and one premium referral already so I'm happy so far!

I published my first class last night, and sent out a newsletter with a link for 25 free places to my mailing list this morning. I teach jewellery design and publish ebooks so I've already got a fairly good sized group that I can market to, and I posted the same free places link to my business facebook page as well. I've just got up to 27 students and there 5 free places left so I'm thrilled so far!

Off to put a post on my personal Facebook page now....

Update 16th January - to date I have 330 students on my workshop and I've published 9 classes now, including one today! I'm pleased with my enrolments so far, as I think practical craft classes are a bit more niche, a bit more difficult to get enrolments than, say, a watercolour class, as more equipment is needed.


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