Building a drawing habit

Building a drawing habit - student project

Just starting the challenge. I will have some catching up to but already really enjoying it.

Day 1

Decided to draw a perfume bottle with a brush pen. I love the way the brush pen works and how bold you can be with just a few lines. I expected I would be more hesitant so I was surprised by the fluidity and ease of movement. I love how the cap of the tilted bottle turned out as well as the spray head on the bottom one. I really enjoyed this sketch.

Day 2

This time I used color pencils and the object was a pointy shell. I decided to draw both sides of the shell and give it as much detail as possible within the 6 mins. I am still not very good at shading and there is room for improvement but I am glad with how the drawings turned out. 

Building a drawing habit - image 1 - student project


Day 3

I forgot to write down my intentions for the session.

I like drawing with a black fineliner pen and enjoyed this one a lot. I chose something with intricate details which probably isn't the best for this type of excercise but still I wanted to see what will come out at the end. I continued after the 6 mins as I wanted to make the "spool" dark because of the original color of the item and because the lace didn't stand out before that.

I didn't like the bottom version seen from the side, it was difficult to draw the thin sides at an angle. I loved creating the lace forms witout much thinking. My take away with this one is that I like detailed drawings and will continue in that direction later on. 

Day 4

I used the brushpen again for this manekineko figurine. I prolonged the time a little to finish the second drawing.

I spent a bit more time this time thinking where to put the lines due to the roundness of the shapes. I felt more restricted in a way and less confident compared to the first time around because I had to be more careful with the proportions and it shows in the wobbly lines of the base. I need to practice more curved lines and complex forms with the brushpen. I love the cute face of the cat, especially the second one. Overall I am happy with this attempt. My takeaway is to draw slow but with steady hand.

Building a drawing habit - image 2 - student project


Day 5

Pencil drawing this time. Although I love the item - a sloth shaped tea infuser shaped, I didn't enjoy this drawing as much as I thought I would. I was careful to place accurately the lines and give the form justice. I was surprised that I thought over evry single line but this is due to the object which isn't simple. I continued after the 6 mins to finish the second drawing. I noticed that I definately like darker lines and more fluid mediums.

Day 6

Used watercolor and a caligraphy brush to draw a couple of tomatoes. This time I enjoyed every line because I didn't have a complex subject. I really felt free and present in the moment. I still have to improve brush control with how thin or thick the lines are (the tiny leaves could be thiner).


Building a drawing habit - image 3 - student project

Day 7

Tin box with color pencil - I like how they turned out. Probably the lines are not quite visible and also the paint from behind is seeping through but I like the shapes. I have a lot of work to do on perspective and detail work with pencil. I enjoyed this drawing very much.

Day 8

A pen with oil pastel. I love this cute pen but with not a very pointy tool it is difficult and far from what I imagined in advance. But still pleased with the lines. Didn't feel as much progress with this one but still I like how changing perspective makes me think more and challenges me more. I like the last one on the right the most.

Building a drawing habit - image 4 - student project

Day 9

A glasses case with watercolor and brush. The lines could have been thinner but I didn't use then thinnest brush I have. I like the overall shapes but the lack of contrast between the lines and the pattern lines blending into a crazy mess is bugging me. I didn't finish with quite what I imagined but still fun excercise.

Day 10

Wooden spoons with ink and brush. The ink is a bit thicker than watercolor and I loved the lines. Struggled with some of the angles and brush control but I am so glad I learn a little bit every time. I am excited to do this every day. I like the spoon seen from the back side the most,

Building a drawing habit - image 5 - student project

Day 11

A hand towel with pompoms with 4B pencil. The softness of the tools caused some smudging and not the sharpest looking lines. But I like when the drawing is darker. It felt easier with every next drawing and I like the last one the most. 

Day 12

A candle with brushpen. Trully enjoyable! I love how all three came out. I think my favorite drawing so far. I was struggling to find any weaknesses or falts.

Building a drawing habit - image 6 - student project


Day 13

A glass dish with marker. I'm loving even the crooked lines and the not so perfect details. 

Day 14

A small orchid plant with pen. I am so happy with the progress and how focused and reflecting on my work this course made me feel.  

Building a drawing habit - image 7 - student project

Gery Mileva
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