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Building a WordPress following

Hello Skillshare class. The class I would like to run is for a basic conversational method for gaining WordPress subscribers that actually read your blog and are interested in you and what you have to say.

Class Title :

How to build a following of 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month

Class Description :

Have you ever built a blog and not been able to gain any traction building a following? In this 20 minute class I will teach you my method for a building a following of 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month through conversation. 

This is not a 'get followers fast' class, as it requires up to any an hour a day of your time. The result however will be a following of WordPress subscribers who are genuinly interested and engaged with you, your blog and what you have to say.

Project Title :

Getting the ball rolling

Project Description :


Your assignment is to start the ball rolling on building a following on your wordpress blog. During the course you will learn what wordpress tags are, how to follow them and how to use them to meet like minded people who may be interested in following your blog. I would love to know what they are so I can make suggestions for other ways you can get out and meet people on WordPress.


I would love to know the following :

- A link to your WordPress blog

- What tags did you follow in WordPress reader?

- What subjects do you blog about and what other subjects interest you?

Link to Lesson Outline :

Link to class (finally!)


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