Building a Creative Journal Page with Watercolor and Collage

Building a Creative Journal Page with Watercolor and Collage - student project


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Have you always wanted to get into creative journaling but didn't know where to start? Or maybe you're already a journaler but would love to change up your style and learn some new techniques. Either way, this class is for you!

In this class you will learn how to create and complete your very own creative journal page using paper layering and watercolor. This class pulls techniques from both journaling and scrapbooking and combines them with mixed media to create a unique and fun way to document your memories.

Each student will complete a class project of constructing their own journal page using their unique intuitive style .

The class consists of several lessons including selecting your materials, choosing colors that play nicely, working with layers and incorporating photos. In the class we will go over each technique and layer individually so that it is easy to follow along and see your very own journal page come to life before your eyes.


What you will learn: 

* Basic color family theory & how it aids in media & ephemera selection 

* How to create foundational layers to aid in building a cohesive layout 

* How to add watercolor washes to create light mixing and add depth to your layers

* How to add a focal point that draws attention to what you want to capture

* How to add complimenting finishing touches to keep your eye moving across the entire page


Now it's time to tackle your project! Your project is to create a journal page of your very own following the techniques layed out in the class. Be sure to share progress shots along the way to inspire your peers and gather some new ideas yourself. 


  1. Gather your journal, supplies and a photo or focal image for your page. Snap a picture and share it in the class project section.
  2. Lay down your initial layer of collage and watercolor. Snap a progress shot while you wait for it to dry and share it in the project section. There's nothing like seeing pools of gorgeous watercolor am I right?
  3. Begin your second layer of collage, adding your focal point, and laying down additional color and details to pull your page together. Share of picture of your final page in the class project. (Feel free to do this before or after you write on your page, journal privacy is important!)
  4. You did it! You have successfully completed your journal page! How does it feel?  Go ahead and share a little bit about your process and what you learned about yourself in the discussion section (optional). I look forward to seeing your work!


I would love it if you checked out my class outline. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!


Here is a sample lesson from the class. Let me know what you think!


Leanne Arsenault
Artist, Journaler , Content Creator