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Samantha Sweatt

Graphic Designer at NACS



Building Your Online Presence

I went over these worksheets and tried them a few times as suggested. As I processed, I thought these ended in a good place to begin transforming my online presence and fine-tuning it into where I'd like it to be. This class really helped out with breaking down how to think about the small steps that becoming the building block to the overall goal. I printed a few of each to change as I grow, learn, and gain experience that further fashion my achievements and future goals.

I had a hiccup with finishing school due to financial issues, and although I was in the senior year of completing my BFA in graphic design, I had no choice but to drop out and move back to my hometown. I have been lucky enough to have a few great internships, one where I was promoted to the head of the marketing department (which I learned I am capable of more than I gave myself credit for) before moving on to my first full-time design-based place of employment. Working full-time in my field is amazing and only motivates me more, but I want nothing more than to finish my BFA. After much searching, many let downs, and planning, I have finally found a way to finish while working so this is one of my main achievements. I also finally got around to setting up an efficient place to work in my home, making it easier to complete freelance work, work on projects, and work from home once a week. 

My goals are to re-brand myself and change my website, finish my degree, continue to bring in freelance work that allows me to fully establish myself as a freelance designer, and create a systematic work/life balance that works for me in the ultimate end. 



This worksheet was difficult because there are so many great values on here that work well for me! I tried to focus on my current employment, situation and place in life, and what I look for in comfort-ability. I have no doubt this will change.




This worksheet was most helpful! I have learned a lot over the years of getting into marketing about when, why, and how to post to social media for an online presence, but have not previously applied it to myself. I kept a lot of the same lingo used in class because it worked well for myself as a designer but I hope with more knowledge and carving myself a real path with things like Twitter, I can get a better sense of community attributes and expand past loyalists with what I have learned.  




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