Building Suspense

Building Suspense - student project

The ringing of phone in my hand was quiet at first, I didn't know if I should answer it. Between the vibrations and ring getting louder I decided to swipe right. The soft voice on the other end was what sounded like a child. "Hello, are you there? Can you hear me?" the soft voice continued as I wiped the sleep from my eyes. "Yes. who is this" I did not recognize this small voice. "I am Beth." Why would this child call this number and tell me who they are? I just sat with the phone in my hand pressed to my ear. "I can hear you breathing. Will you help me?" He voice is getting more weak and quiet the longer we speak. " yes, Beth I will help you. How old are you? Where are you?" The questions just started to flow out of me, how can I help this young child, I wondered if they are lost. "I am six. I am trying to talk to my Mother." I look at the phone in my hand and notice it is a phone I have never seen before. "Are you calling me on your Mother's phone Beth?" At this point I have been turning on all my lights and grabbed my own phone to call the police. "Beth are you still there?" the dead air on the line had my heart start racing, why do I have this young girls Mother's phone? As I turn on all the lights, I notice my house seems different. The furniture is strange. The muffled sound of a mans voice in on the phone now. "Sir, you need to leave the house." I am looking around and see the front the door. I still have the phone in my hand and with my phone I call the police. "who is this and where is Beth?" The voice on the other end replies back, "She is safe with me, you need to leave my house now! I have called the police." I blink and turn around in the front yard to look at my house, The voice on the phone sounded a lot like my neighbor Mike. As I stand there and look at the house I noticed, I was not looking at my house at all but indeed I was standing in my neighbors yard. I lift the phone back up to my ear. "Mike, is this you?" I could hear some laughing in the background and then the voice said, "Man, John you drank too much and passed on my sofa. When you started stumbling around the house you woke up my daughter and she came running to our room. That was when she noticed Anne wasn't home and tried to call her. You answered and the rest goes from there. Go home and sleep man."