Build up websites for SEO practice

Build up websites for SEO practice - student project

I love cooking


As a person who loves cooking and wants to cook very well you need to familiar to all your ingredients and find some good cook books and better learn some tips from some good chefs to get a short cut. Then play them and be creative.

I have a lot of loves and hates to technology filed. I am not an IT person. I don't like coding. I am not very good at computer,


I love beautiful websites. I love user friendly design. I love be a critical user and a thoughtful webmaster. I hope the website I build will drag a lot of visitors in and get what they want.

The reason why I join the class is because I am learning SEO and I know if I want to learn it well the easiest way is building and running a website. From the journey I can practice again and again and pick up all other ingredients at the same time. I see myself a passionate chef to cook a beautiful and delicious website so I might not scared of IT language that much.

I have some goals after this class:

  1. I want to build up a Tai Chi class for my friend.
  2. I want to help my friend to rebuild his restaurant's website
  3. Help me to prctice my SEO learning and skills.

If you have the same purpose for learning maybe we can work and learn together. Please feel free to say hi ;)