Christopher Bailey

Creative Explorer



Build a Smart Phone Scavenger Hunt, Using GPS, QRcodes, and More


Build a digital scavenger hunt that you can share with your friends and family.   Participants will use a smartphone (iOS or Android) to accomplish tasks like these:

  • Find geo-locations (GPS)
  • Find hidden QR codes
  • Accomplish photo challenges
  • Answer quiz questions

This scavenger hunt could be used for a

  • family reunion
  • friends visiting from out-of-town
  • a local knowledge throw-down
  • organize a pub-crawl
  • historical tour

Individuals or teams can participate.  All results and photos are gathered on a central website, and points are given for completing specific tasks.  At the end participants receive an email with their results and all photos taken on the hunt.

Updated Outline is here.

Latest Update to the  Intro Video.

It is now Live - Enroll here


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