Build a Rocket with JavaScript - Sending COCO to the moon!

Rocket launch link.


Early on !

I am not sure why I get the warnings on the console and I am missing the pretty google logo on the alert box. Any ideas?

But it is working ... I changed the colour. I am  not done yet! .....



I had decided to send my dog Coco up which is why there is an attempt to give her a parachute when things go boom!

OK so I have progressed after clumsily getting the png and gif images. Clearly I would need more practice with this. At least I have found a few helpful iPhone apps and Windows programs! I guess a picture is worth a 1000 words!:


Apparently, it is worth keeping the img area clean of just waht you use as it appears there might be a size limitation on github? This would make sense to me. Anyways, it should only be comprised of the images you are actually using - move the interim stuff elsewhere.

I am greatful for being able to replay the video as I did make some mistakes along the way. And yes it is a fun way to learn JS + CSS + HTML with JS being the best!! Thanks and here is the link to the rocket launch!



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