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Build a Door

When we bought our house, it had this crazy big side door. We painted it with magnetic paint to use it as a giant mood board with magnets hanging magazine cutouts and inspiration. Luckily, chalk also adheres to the paint really well. 

I struggled to find the right quote, considering:

  • Design is Intelligence Made Visible 
  • You Must Be Present To Win 
  • Stress Comes From Giving a Shit 
  • The Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived

And then my wife found this quote from Milton Berle: “If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door.” Winner!

I sketched four layout thumbnails. I thought about using “building/construction” icons like saws, hammers, measuring rulers, bought opted for focusing on beautiful typography. I chose the lower right sketch to refine becuase I liked the diagonal as a way to break up the tall door into the two componenets of the phrase.


In a larger sketch, I refined by adding more detail. 


After a lot of procrastination (I was afraid of this new medium: chalk) and watching Lauren's video several times, I finally got to work on the door.



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