Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Several yars ago I was a police officer. I got very ill with Crohn's disease, and had to leave my career. It was excruciatingly painful and I could only consume liquids such as Ensure, etc. At the worst, I was about 96-97 lbs. and my body was basically eating itself because I couldn't eat, or retain any nutrients.

I could not take the pain any longer. It was like having appendicitis every night and every day for years. I did not have insurance so kept thinking I would just "get better". That was not the case. I finally went to a doctor, and he sent me straight to the hospital and told me I could not go home because my organs would start shutting down soon if I did not get help.n order to get me healthy enough for a risky surgery, I had to have a central line put in my body and through it I was fed a cocktail of straight lipids, three kinds of steroids, and a super vitamin concoction for three weeks straight, as well as having an E-tube down my nose and throat. After this I underwent an intestinal resection surgery for several hours wich removed part of my small intestine that had shrank to the diameter of a pencil.

So now it is a few years later and I am in better shape, but wanting to get back into law enforcement where I belong. My constant nag is that I can't seem to burn fat very quickly. I'm doing IF now and it is helping and the fat is slowly burning but I am using this as a chance to stay more focussed on that as well as building muscle to help me be better able to protect myself when it comes to the inevitable fighting, running and all the rest.

Below are a few photos here of my 'progress'. I don't see the progress, but my wife says it is very obvious and that my efforts are working. I hope so. They are in order from March 2012, August 2012, and December 2012


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