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Bugs+Bones Inc


Name:  Dave A 
Location: Vancouver, BC

Mission Statement/Philosophy

Bugs and Bones focuses on pop culture depictions of people's fears. We all despise bugs and death, but yet we are drawn to these in movies, comics, video games and toys. Bugs and Bones was created using this type of negativity to create an edgy feel, but keeping our image fresh and polished. Our designs pays tributes to classic and iconic symbols of the past, as well as, current trends. We hope our products can inspire people to view their fears in a different light. Just like how they have inspired us.

Our main logo will be used on majority of the clothing. It is a skull face printed on the back of a spider.  It was inspired by the moth on the movie poster"silence of the lamb"

Here, we have the evolution of how the logo came to be. Starting with a sketch. Then brought into illustrator, where it was cleaned up.  I wasn't very happy with the cartoonish feel it came across, as I wanted more of an aggressive and graphic feel to it.  From here, I was liking the design but it felt unpolished. The legs were then shrunken down, and I added angry brows to the eyes.

Here are my company colors I have chosen, they represent the color of my theme. 

Here I created different treatments for my logo: First - we have the basic logo with the wordmark underneath which is unified with a rectangle border fto give it a cleaner look.  Second - we have a logo encircled by a ring with graphical looking bones.  Third - this one was inspired by the old retro DC comics logo.  I used a thicker ring with four stars around my icon.  Lastly - a monogram I like to call the "butterfly" logo; it is two B's mirrored with a plus sign in the middle.

"No Fear, No Fun" slogan represents our mission statement of looking at things we fear in a different way; by changing our persepctive, we can see the "fun" in our fears.



Some additional concepts put together using different colors and more explorations with the branding. 

About me

I never did well academically in school, in fact, I failed most subjects, except for art class. That was the only class which I was good at.  My love for art and clothing has inspired me to create this brand.  

I currenlty reside in Vancouver; working as an artist.  

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to look at my page.


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