Bug Boy!

Hello everyone!

My name is Marte and this is my first class online, ever. Enjoying it so much!
i loved the project's concept but i am not really a pirate guy, so i went to Pinterest, created my inspiration board and decided that i wanted to do an insect dude. I quickly became fascinated by the caterpillars so i knew i had a winner! Bug Boy came to life. 

I began sketching this bad boy and came up with these first sketches, kinda fell inlove with the third one, so i may use that one for the project, but so far this is all i've got!

What do you think, my friends?! :D

I'll keep you all updated!



Update 01.


I have no Illustrator, so i went ahead and inked it directly in Photoshop! 

I did a couple modifications to the sketch, and will now do some color blocking or flats, they will be of great help while coloring!

What do you think, my friends?



I just can't believe how long it took me to complete my character, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!!

But i'm back bearing a complete jpeg of this bad-boy BugBoy!

My favorite part has to be the egg hovering over his hand.

What do you think, everyone?

I do see myself doing more of these insect themed characters.


You can view a bigger, uncompressed image of the boy right here: 



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