Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (INFP)

Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (INFP) - student project

Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (INFP) - image 1 - student project

I just chose an existing character to practice how to spot on personality types and apply it on future projects. 


  • Name: Buffy Summers
  • Physical Description:   body type: petite; hair color: blonde; age: 17 years
  • General Background: She was a popular girl in LA until her fate catches up with her. She lives in Sunnydale. She is only child of a single-parent family, but she sees her father every now and then since her parents got divorced. She likes to spend time with her few friends at Bronze. She doesn't like make foot patrol, but she has to do it every night. She goes to school and spend time training with her watcher Gilles after school. 
  • Personal goals and motives: She accepts the life she has because of she wants to protect the people she loves. She are not looking for get popularity, influence, power, money, etc... She wants to protect everyone from the monsters no matter what. 
  • Talents: She is a very athletic girl. She know how to fight and use all kind of weapons. 
  • Character Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths: Extremely faithful and loyal, gift of empathy, perceives the feelings and motives of others, stable system of values.Weaknesses: low threshold of immunity to criticism, incapable of keeping a cool head in stressful circumstances. 

Why INFP: 



She focuses on her inner world.

With her love of tapping into the mysteries of life and exploring its meaning, she devotes little attention to material mundane concerns, rarely pays too much attention to external appearances and the latest trends from the world of fashion do not hold the slightest fascination for her. 


She frequently display a tendency to judge people; going with her gut feelings is part of her character.  

The loyalties and bonds of her friendships remain strong, even when she is apart for a lengthy period. On the whole, she has only a few friends and is always ready to show them support and surround them with care.


Makes decisions guided more by her heart than her head, she often has a hard time by not obeying her emotions. She can even trip twice over the same stone.


She has no love of organization and is far from happy to undertake tasks requiring her to operate on the basis of pure logic and hard facts. 

When she find herself in a strained or conflict situation, she is incapable of acting rationally.


Craft a scene 

  • Your character realizes that they strongly disagree with someone they respect.