Even though I live in three, sometimes four, places I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. 

Below is a mind map that I do for almost every project I start. It's an important part of my daily sanity as a compulsive list maker.

Mind Map

The words I came up with that i'm working off of are:




Thursday, December 6th

Stuff i've been looking at lately. The bottom right and upper left were taken by Rob Hopkins, one of the Founding Partners of Queen City Studios. He has some wonderful photos that can be seen here: 


While getting some reference photos together the printer in our lab gave me this screwed up CMYK print. I kind of like it though...

I will be the first to admit that i'm not one for skething a ton out before I begin working. I like to develop my best ideas fairly quickly and a lot of them don't work out. I have a fast process and a lot of developed logos already.


Monday, December 10th.

Efforts continue amidst a bunch of projects. Trying out placement on product and letterhead formation. Some worked and some didn't but it helps to see that before I develop a final logo choice. Last thing you want is a logo that looks great on the screen but shitty on merchandise and letterhead.


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