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Buffalo logo mark

Having recently moved to Darwin, in the Top End of Australia, I decided to do an animal that is iconic to this region. There are many to choose from (goanna, crocodile, barramundi, jabiru etc), but I decided to go with the buffalo. While it is considered a pest to most people, I couldn't go past it's incredible horns and it's bad-ass reputation.

I wanted to use a reference image that was interesting, but I also wanted to be able to see the horns in all their glory. Unfortunately, the best angle for this is side on – not the most interesting pose, but one that i iconic.

Reference images:


During the sketching process, I found it a challenge to figure out how best to show the detail of the left ear and horn, while still maintaining a minimal logo mark.

There was also the challenge of making the back and rear look interesting in comparison to the detail in the head.



During the vector process, I decided to go with an outlined buffalo – this solved the problem of how to show the detail in the left side of the head, and was also a good way to bring out the muscle/strength in it's back and rear.

Here's my first attempt in Illustrator:


Any thoughts or suggestions?


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