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Connie Stofko

The online gardening magazine for Western New York




Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com is the online gardening magazine for Western New York.

I started this business in June 2010 with inspiration from Seth Godin and I'm hoping to keep it on track with his help and help from my fellow students.


Short answer: I'm not looking for funding at this point.

Freelancer or Entrepreneur

I was going to confidently say I am an entrepreneur, but I'm a freelancer making the move to being an entrepreneur.

I have outsourced some work, which has been helpful.

I have restructured what I offer to customers in order to make more money with less work and fewer customers.

What I need to do now is:

  • Get more customers so that I can bring in more revenue.That means I have to continue to sell.
  • Get more subscribers so that I may be able to raise my rates.

Business Plan

Buffalo-NiagaraGardening.com is the online gardening magazine for Western New York.

Revenue comes from advertising and marketing services. Our services is geared to Western New York companies that want to drive local gardeners to their website. In addition to advertising, this year I am offering companies hands-on assistance with social media and other marketing assistance.

Other possible sources of revenue are the sale of artwork or ebooks.

While there are other gardening publications in the area, they are print-based and don't have the advantages, such as instant communication and connectivity, that the Internet provides.

My long-term questions are: When I have reached my goals in Western New York, how do I expand the company? Do I move to other regions? Or do I simply offer more products and services for my readers and for the gardening companies who want to reach my readers? Will I someday be able to sell the business? How do I prepare for that?


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