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Buffalo Made Co. Hangtags

I drempt up Buffalo Made Co. a couple years ago, I designed a logo and bought a few related domains and then did nothing. Two years ago I quickly made a Buffalo Bills inspired "Haters Gonna Hate" t-shirts, and ended up selling over 250 of them. I decided it made sense to start selling them through Buffalo Made Co. as a way to get the name out there, then just a few months ago I had a burst of inspiration to take the BMco. brand seriously. I made basic t-shirts and tank tops, fabric fold over tags to be sewn onto the bottom hems of the shirts, stickers - which I have been plastering all over the city, and sending to friends in other cities to do the same. I got in touch with a contact at New Era (started and still headquarted in Buffalo) to have official 59Fifty's made (coming this summer). I customized my basic Big Cartel theme, started a blog, changed my Instagram name to buffalomadeco—anything I could do to start getting the name out there.

All that said, Buffalo Made Co. is not intended to only be for the people of Buffalo, which is what I have been working on, designs that appeal to the masses.

SO I always planned on doing some custom tags, always loved CXXVI's tags, and when I saw this class it seemed only natural to learn from a pro like Jon.

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I know Jon said he would always be checking back, and, for own sense of pride (I hate not finishing things) here are my tags! How many months later? I got cought up with paying client work and just couldn't fit this in during the class, but now I actually NEED tags for my clothing line so I sat down and this is where I ended up.

The black will all be one rubber stamp, then the gold will parts will each be a separate stamp.

I also added a couple new pieces I've made for my line.


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