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Buddy Joe Packaging

Last weekend, I was in a 48 hour packaging design competition with some of my classmates at school. Somehow, I fell into doing the logo for our team which was intimidating because I historically suck at designing logos. But earlier in the week, my teacher send me the link to this tutorial and I figured I'd take the class during the competition and see where it took me. 

Bam! I was so stoked what came out of my brain (cue the havertys commercial) because I never knew I could do it. While I know my logo needs some work still, I got much farther along than I could have without the tutorial. Many thanks to MKM for being such a great teacher and a delightful person to listen to four hours and hours (I took the tutorial a few times).

I'm going to revisit it soon, and am planning on changing the type 'buddy' is set in. The drop shadow was added in last minute and that needs some work. Any other suggestions?


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