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Buckit's Streetwear Is Dead


Buckit is a brand I started July of 2014 after leaving a brand I worked with for 3 years that had different interests than I did. Everything with the brand evovled into putting money as a number one priority. Don't get me wrong, a brand needs money to live and grow, but I want something more than just a paycheck.  I have a love for streetwear and street culture.  With something that has a lot of importance to you, you don't want to sell out.  So, I left. Started my own company that stood for having something to live for, like a bucket list. My first "office chair", when I started designing, was a 5 gallon bucket. Dropping everything I had going for a chance to do something bigger and better was a huge risk, but I said, "F*ck it." My atmosphere, views, and feelings made the perfect name for the movement I wanted to bring to life, Buckit.  I sold some of my things and bought a screen printing set up. The rest is history.


(Printing set up)


The "STREETWEAR IS DEAD" tee originated from my first summer collection entitled "Summer of the Dead." The design is very simple typography.  I felt that having this statement printed in such a simple manner would let the power of the statement speak for itself.  The shirt was originally created from my frustations with the previously mentioned brand I worked for.  Streetwear seemed to not mean anything to them.  They were using it as a way to make money with no expression.  I felt as if their motives made streetwear dead in a sense.  Also, when I would tell people that I was starting a streetwear brand, they would think that I was making shit with weed and hundred dollar bills all over everything.  Basically, they thought of that stupid shit they sell in tourist shops and Rue 21.  I fealt that the opinions others automatically thought of when hearing the word "streetwear" showed that the culture was very underappreciated.  If that shit in Rue 21 qualified as streetwear, then streetwear was dead.

After I printed the tee and put it online to sell, I began to get a lot of questions about what it meant.  At first I went into detail, but then I started asking, "What do you think it means?" The responses were awesome.  People began to tell me things and give me perspectives that I hadn't previously thought of.  The shirt was opening their minds and mine.

We were recently given the opportunity to go to LA and participate in Bobby Hundreds' streetwear documentary.  There was no question what shirt we would wear our first time in LA.  The tee grabbed all kinds of attention.  We had random people on Fairfax stopping us and telling us that they liked it.  The camera men shot the tee too many times to count.  When we first met Bobby, he read the tee and responded with a chuckle and smile asking us if we were the ones who made that. When he said that he liked it, it insured me that we were on to something.  These tee shirts we are making are a perfect tool to get our message across to people.


(The Buckit Team with Bobby Hundreds and other brand owners from around the world.)


This tee shirt meant a lot to me when we first made it, but now it has a whole new meaning to me.  The shirt backs up Jeff's point in this class that these simple articles of clothing can be powerful.  These tee shirts we are making have a power to move people, make the impossible possible, and open your life up to experiences you could only imagine.. So, hopefully this story gives those of you who read it a bit of inspiration. There are some great designs in the class projects and great brands. All of you have the potential to do great things...through a tee shirt. Haha isn't that awesome?

Check us out at buckitclothing.com

Link up with us if you like what we are doing! I would love to talk to some like minded people like you guys!


100% Ringspun Cotton

Screen Printed

Designed in Adobe Illustrator


(Illustrator mock up)


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