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Buck Logo Design

Animal Mark: Buck

Every design, or item, I see with a buck incorporated seems to catch my eye so, naturally, the first animal that came to mind for this project was a buck!

  1. Moodboard: After scavanging Google for stationary bucks, I narrowed it down to these six. In the end, number five beat the others out.

  2. Sketching: After 20 or so sketches, fighting with antlers and legs, it became clear what shape I wanted to go with.

  3. Illustrator & Gridding: I quickly made an outline of the chosen sketch and later attempted to add a grid (which was a struggle)!

  4. Final Mark in Black & White: After spending much time tweaking, I finally reached a point where I was happy with the shape.

  5. Final Mark in Color: Lastly, I threw in some color and called it a day!


    I would love to hear any feedback that anyone has!


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