Bùch - student project

In the UK, Kombucha hasn't quite made it yet. Not for an absence of it (you can find it here and there in London if you look hard enough) but because it hasn't been branded. Theres no such thing as a CocaCola of the Kombucha world. 

The modern consumer of soda realises the impact on their health caused by an excess of sugar often found in their favourite drink thus rationing the amount that they or their children can enjoy. Yes they have the zero sugar, fat free versions but any longtime consumer of the full fat version know they simply aren't the same. The fact however, that these "healthy" versions of the worlds favourite drinks exist, highlights the fact that the modern consumer wants to consume more of their favourites without impacting their health negatively. 

Bùch is a brand that everyone wants. Fruity flavours with an effervescent fizz just like soda but without the guilt. It's a brand that this health conscious world can consume, enjoy and feel good about. It's full of antioxidants, probiotics, Vitamins C, B, B1, B6 & B12 and contains ~75% less sugar than an equal amount of orange juice. 

Kombucha originated in ancient China around 200BC and was commonly referred to as "The tea of immortality" hence Bùch's tag line "The tea of immortalitea" and the idea of 'immortalitea' is something the brand could play on at various touchpoints to push the idea of health whilst maintaining cohesion. 

Huge thanks for the class Alex, really fun project for someone trying to break into the design and branding industry!

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