Bubblio - student project

Bubblio is family social network facilitating story telling, pictures sharing and events organization. 

Ths project has been shaped at Monterey Startup weekend in January '13 and is SF based.

With Bubblio, we want to solve 2 problems families encounter:

  • The need for Privacy.

1. Bubblio is a private social network where stories, pictures and events are available for your families members only.
2. Bubblio UX is shaped to create a intimate and safe environment, just as a virtual living room.

  • The need for Story-Telling.

Bubblio applies mind-mapping to conversation to trigger real dialogue between family's members. Indeed, current social media, even family-focused platforms, do not allow users to create long, content-agnostic and interactive stories. 

The market is promising and the competition is small, and so is our team. We're actively looking for a UX-related person ready to step in a true startup story.
You're pretty free theses days? info@bubblio.com