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Bubblegum Colours!

Woohoo! Another class by Gabby :D

I took her digital painting portrait class and learned so many new tips and techniques - it made a huge difference in my digital artwork. Naturally I was stoked for this class as well!


I made up a simple doodle and scanned it in. This is new for me because I can never get my hands on a scanner! Scanned images are easier to work with in Photoshop as opposed to photos and I found it much easier to clean up my drawing.

One of the first things I did after bumping up the contrast and cleaning up the whitespace was to adjust the right eye. I flipped my drawing to check proportions and found that the eye was distractingly small. I also noted her ear was bit large, but I wanted her to be a touch out of proportion and to have big ears :D


Next up, I played around with choosing some colours and filled in the skin, hair and eyes.


I find painting the skin very overwhelming. There are so many changes in tone and so many warm and cool colours within the face alone. When these tones are overlooked the painting can give off a flat and dead-ish vibe. I took this class as an opportunity to learn new techniques and strengthen this weakness :)

The next shots are me laying in a bit of basic shading and light. I also blocked in some green and red for cool and warm tones and then reduced the opacity to make it look more natural.


After that I started painting over the sketch because I wanted to practice my rendering skills. I appreciated the lines and textures that the sketch provided so I wanted to keep traces of it in my image.

More process shots:


Before finalizing my image, I checked my proportions again. I kept forgetting to do this as I worked but I did it in the end and used liquify on the face to fix up some of the proportions again.

As a last step, I grabbed one of Gabby's textures and plonked it on top. I used a blending mode and erased some of the texture over her face.

And here's the final:


I had so much fun and I feel so accomplished having set aside time to finally practice painting again. Thanks Gabby for another great class!


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