Bubble Bobble or Bobble Bubble :)

Growing up in the 80's and 90's we remember of a time when and A and B button would provide us with countless hours of entertainment.  Kidz' these days don't realize how "simple" gaming was.  

I've decided to take on the challange of re-creating one of my favorite past time video game's creative cover.  Bubble Bobble 

I'm not intending on re-creating this element for element but possibly mixing up the elements in the background a bit.  We'll see how this goes as this is my first time creating anything in illustrator.  I come from a pure photoshop background so this is opening up the door for me to explore a program which for some reason has always hung me up.  excited to see where this goes.  I will post each day ( if there is enough to post) an update to where I am with the project.  I have just a few short videos left ot watch in the series and already this application is starting to become second nature.  I'm very used to the Pen tool from photoshop but I have been trying to explore building some of the elements with shapes as well. 

UPDATE at the end of day 1

Well Illustrator is interesting for sure, I have a new found love for the application i've so long dredded. 

here is what I have after just about 2 hours of work with messing with the tool sets


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