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"Brutal Prioritisation and Maniacal Focus" (from the Threadless people)

Hello everybody,

First off, you'll have to pardon my english, it's my second language.

According to the GTD Quiz here is my current state:

I also feel this way, always on a warning state. I also took a GTD IQ test and these were my results, which are a little more optimistic.

It said Quadrant: Responder / Victim which means I'm not at your optimal level of perspective or control on my worst day I feel like a victim. I'm probably somewhere between a mild storm and a major hurricane. On the positive side it said I'm a responder. It is the natural defensive game I must play when you are engaged in a "stretch" goal or a major change—even a positive one.

Here's the link : http://www.gtdiq.com

This year I promised myself I will get organized so that I can do better and more things. Taking the course head on I started tackling down my gynormous email account that has gotten out of hand due to bad transfer from my Mac Mail to Gmail account. Things used to be better organized before this.

I took some christmas holiday time and started putting things where they belong. I found Mailstrom who helped tremendously, here is my new inbox with everything in its place.

After some thought, I decided to go with THINGS and collected all my current open loops there, saying goodbye to small papers lists, and all other containers that where all over the place. I can't say I love it still, but I can see myself growing to like it. There's a secret feeling of accomplishment I get when scratching off something on my list, I miss this.

Things installed, check!

Evernote installed check!

Cleaned out my desktop, check!

Open loops collected, check!

Clean my downloads folder, in progress. This is hard for me, I've had this bad habit for a long time and kicking it out will take more than 21 days for sure. Any meetings I can attend to?

Phase ONE Complete!!


Phase TWO

I went a little ahead of myself since I saw almost the entire video class before doing most of the work and proccessed my email account open loops. At the same time I added the maybe/someday tag and where written down as actions as well. Watching things in advance saved me some time but also gave me a chance while watching the course to do research on apps, and other services that helped me out with what best suited me like the mailstrom service.

I found this phase was fairly simple given the first ordeal I had to endure with my email account, so I set up my reference containers using Evernote. I do have to confess that I do not have a notebook for every project, since I'm sure that I don't accumulate any extras for them (even though it's not reccomended by Tiago, I read this on a thread). I guess we'll see once in practive, it doesn't take much tiem to create one, but he recommends to be structured and rely on the system. I'm also using a folder organizer since I deal with some physical materials and my everyday moleskine.

Finished processing all other open loops, and since I'm currently working, been adding new ones day to day.

Created projects in Things and Evernote, check!

Created areas of responsibility in Things and Evernote, check!

Projects assigned to areas, check!



Its been a bit overwhelming for me to kick my bad habits, but I'm doing pretty well. I don't have that many areas of responsability, but I'll add them as I keep adding to-dos for them.

Stacks are made, and I've set up an IFTT Recipe for Pocket to be publish on my Evernote Resources Notebook, works like a charm. Since I already had a physical container I'm set. All uncatagorized materials will head to the Evernote inbox.

I also decide to add all projects notebooks, and now are in place. I don't know if i'll use it but I did this because I want to feel commited on doing this right in a trusted system. 

I have to set my Google drive and Documents this way, but it may take me a bit longer to do this. I need to sleep for now.



Not a lot of time to make much progress today, but I'm tackling down work and still making progress to get this going. Did my first daily checklist today went smoothly, but took me a little while to get in the mindset. I made my stickies lists in my two computers and I'm gonna finish organizing my Google drive today, just wanted to post before I fade in the night.

Keeping the focus, slowly but steadly. I'm trying out something called StickiesSync for my two computers, this way I only have to do this once. I'll let you know how it all went down tomorrow.




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