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Brussells BikeBook

OK, I've chosen a couple colour schemes, both of which are quite different.

The first was using Kuler - I'm not sure about the Pink as I don't think it compliments the others quite so well, but Kuler wouldn't allow me to just choose 3 colours. It appears to default to 5. I may therefore not include that in my final proposal.

The second is from the Streets image. My initial thoughts from the Tone of the project was more vibrant, fun, adventurous colours (obtained from the brief), but I've found the images to be quite washed out, and not vibrant. I'm not sure whether I can enhance the hue on the photo or the colours maybe? It's strange because as I look at this picture I see quite bright reds, blues and yellows yet the colour picker picks out quite different colours. My perception of colour maybe off a little?

Feedback and thoughts would be much appreciated.


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