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Brushpen Name Logo. Class Project


Firstly, I had a ton of fun working on this project. I've been teaching myself design since 8th grade, and I'm looking to improve everyday.  Matt, being the successful self taught designer that he is, is quite the inspiration and really helped motivate me to attempt this project. It made me feel like a real designer :) So thank you Matt for being awesome.


I started by trying out my first name.


At some point I gave my last name a go. It was more fun to write, I guess it was the flow of the letters. So I picked one and went with it.


Next I started cleaning up.


Tried using my untrained eye. Looked for consistencies and any strange spacing/gaps.

Finally scanned this one.



I'm super new to Illustrator. Actually just started trying to use it last month, since I also recently began lettering. 

This extreme point technique is awesome! Definitely the #1 skill I took from this class. It was difficult at first and my first try wasn't too nice, but I was determined to get something reasonably nice so I tried it a second time, thus providing me with a much more satisfying look. 


I know there's definitely some problems with it still (I notice the the curve at the bottom of the y is a bit thick, the bottom of the k isnt as smooth and round as i'd like, and the a to k connector thing is a tad thick as well).

But I got impatient and went straight to photoshop. Where I threw it on top of one of my photographs and colored it up. Just having some fun with it. :)



I'd LOVE any feedback about what needs fixing, from anyone, so that I may be on the look out for such mistakes during my next attempt. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my project, and thanks again to Matt for this dope class.

Update 8/8/15:

 Printed the vectored version out to get a different perspective and made a few adjustments. Will be revectoring shortly.


Update 8/20/15

Finally made the adjustements to the thicks and thins that Matt pointed out. I'm glad I hung in there and didnt just give up on this project because I've noticed myself improving in the vectoring process with every attempt. I still have a lot of room to grow, but patience is key. As is practice :) 



Made this one for my dad :) Took the picture out at his wood pile. 


Thanks again for the sweet class and awesome feedback Matt! I even picked up a Zebra thanks to this project, and it's honestly gorgeous. 


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