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Marianne M. Michel

Illustrator, Designer, Engineer



Brushpen Logo – Marinha M

Well hello there!

Awesome class. It's really fun to see all the great content and projects around here.

This was my first time playing around with brush pen lettering but now I'm totally hooked and can't stop drawing letters. Thanks for the inspiration!

Choosing a name for this project along with its design was harder than I expected. I ended up drawing my second name but it took me a long time to decide on the details.

Here are some process shots of drills and sketches ( I filled a lot more pages than shown here :) Sorry for the mess ).



The tracing here was still very crude. In retrospect, I'll try to put in more time refining the sketch for future projects.

Here's a screenshot of the vectors. I kept most of the handlebars either horizontal or vertical, except for the top ends of brushstrokes (45°) and on the swashes. Will have to figure out how to improve these but I definitely learned a lot in these steps.



I still feel that there's room for improvement here, but I wanted to get the project up before the contest deadline. Also, I'm not quite sure about the letter spacing yet. Would be grateful for some feedback here.


I thoroughly enjoyed this course, thank's a ton, Matthew! I really learned a lot.

Seeing the amount of fine-tuning and attention to detail that you put into your work is inspiring and encouraging.

Keep up the great work, everyone. Looking forward to seeing more!

Greetings from Zürich,



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