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Brushlettered Name // Alex Adams

UPDATE: 12/7

Whew. I made it! I have vectored and used the pen tool in the past, but I have never used the pen tool for my lettering. Taking Matt's advice, I spent some time stepping away from the piece and making adjustments.

My project has taken some turns throughout the process - moving away from more formal strokes. I wanted to do my best to capture a unique style.

Here are some visuals of the progression in Illustrator:


I had to refine a good bit and make things smoother.


Honestly, I still see areas that could use more adjustment. For example the thins on the M don't match the thins throughout the piece. Also the S flourish could be smoother. Overall though, I am happy with my progress. This has been well spent time and I hope to continue to learn these techniques to take my lettering further. Thank you Matt for the well done instruction! You did a great job.

Here's a mockup I completed using some hand drawn ink textures. I created this piece in Photoshop.


If you are on IG, stop by and say HI - instagram 

Thanks everyone!


UPDATE: 12/4

I have been looking at these pages all week, and I feel as though my first set of brush work is just too safe - if that makes any sense. I'd like to showcase some more character in my lettering. And, I also think I can take Matt's advice by making each letter unique. With that said, I have evolved my direction into this:



I am going to keep at it this weekend and do my best to clean things up before Monday. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


Hi everyone!

It's been a little hectic these past couple of weeks with the holidays, but I've been able to catch up on some quality lettering time. My name is Alexandria, however most just call me Alex. At first, I wanted to see where I could go with Alexandria. As I continued to workout some strokes, I settled on a first name - last name approach. I think this combo gives it a much more dynamic look.

WARMUP ||  I used the Tombow brush pen and Calligraphy Pen WS-BS in my sketches.


I continued to refine my style after seeing some key forms that I liked.



I even pulled out a brush and ink to try and get some extra inspiration going:



I am going to work on some more tweaks later on today and post back my final revision.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress. Any feedback is appreciated!




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